diumenge, 31 de març de 2013

Potser tornar allà fora, al blau, siga l'únic que podem fer ara.

 ...Threw my coins out on the wind 
Crossed my fingers and tried again 
Straight ahead, a collision course 
I can't control it anymore 
Fate is but a rendezvous 
Paths I followed to get to you 
Wore my boots down to the heels 
How bitter disappointment feels 
Out in the blue 

 Memories like fires glow 
Can we forget them, I don't think so 
Marched in lines against the odds 
I can't forgive the things I saw 
Teardrops fall and arrows fly 
How many times I've watched you cry 
Promises I broke to you 
All the things I'm going through 
Out in the blue 

 Oh captain, steer me clear 
Make the nightmares disappear 
Some things better left alone
Let someone else carry the load 
Every year takes its toll 
Time keeps cutting at my soul 
I know you're out there just like me 
Is this the way it's supposed to be 
Out in the blue...